Wednesday, June 17, 2009 mission is accomplished

Namaskaram Sanjay Garu,

First of all, I'm a great lover of delicious food. I like more of Indian style especially Andhra and Hyderabadi style food. After I have been to US I also started liking Mexican style food. But, I was always thinking, honestly to say dreaming about me cooking and enjoying it. Even I tried once but that has become a big mess. Ever since then I did not get chance to spend more in a kitchen.

Initially when I was on shot trips to US, I was bit worried about the food as I had earlier suffered eating Pizzas, salads or frozen food everyday.When I moved to Chicago, I started cooking my self but something like eat to live. Though I was reading many web sites on recipes and cooking instructions, that did not really push me relinquish the my old worries.

That one day, when one of my friend suggested the site, I had the same mind set as earlier, but gradually I was developing interest in trying various recipes. But, when I start watching your videos (honestly speaking) I got "inspired" and started developing passion towards cooking. Today, I spend my weekends and holidays cooking and trying various stuff withing my reach. It brought flavour to my life in US. Every now and then, when i chat with my friends, I keep bringing about asking for new receipies.

I like your presentation (trust me, it adds up to the reason to be Inspired), your cooking tips for cooking beginners and way content on the site is organized and inviting others to be part of mission at ease.

Started with Upmas to Rices and curries to beverages, today I am completely enjoying cooking today. When my mom came to know that I am cooking here and enjoying it she started also inspired and suggesting the best way to cook. She is a great cook when there is a family gathering her Dosakai Sambar with Sweet onions along with a Spicy chicken curry and Chicken pulao are the best. In fact, that will be the motivating factor to form a gathering.

I greatly appreciate your passion to cooking and enjoying to the extent what you believe upon. mission is accomplished. Wish that will continue on the mission to keep inspiring generations to come.

Though, I am not done with my words to express my gratitude, I will limit this here.

I wish you all the best in your mission and journey of life.

Murali Krishna


willam said...

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sailaja said...

Its emails like this that keeps me going with my blog. Readers give me the inspiration to blog even when I am uninspired to blog.

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