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chicken tikka masala video recipe

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The origins of chicken tikka masala are disputed. At least one source has the dish originating in New Delhi in 1947[3], but it also has been suggested that chicken tikka masala originated from the kitchens of Bangladeshi chefs in the UK,[4][5] with many restaurants throughout the country claiming to have invented it. The recipe's age is also unproven, with claims ranging from the 1970s back to the 1950s.[1]
A widely reported explanation of the origins of the dish is that it was conceived in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow in the late 1960s, when a customer, who found the traditional chicken tikka too dry, asked for some "gravy".[1] The chef improvised a sauce from tomato soup, yogurt and spices.[2]
Another theory is that it originated in British India to adapt local dishes to the British palate. A prototype may be Murgh Makhni (butter chicken), a dish from the Punjab region of India. (wikepida) cooking video by sanjay thumma

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spring roll recipe video

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Spring rolls are fried pastries that can be found in several Asian countries, most notably China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia . The Chinese Eggroll differs from the Chinese Springroll, however other cultures do not necessarily have both variants of the Eggroll or Springroll. However, since both the eggrolls and springrolls do use egg in its content, the word "Eggroll" isn't necessarily incorrect. Some spring/summer roll wrapper are made out of rice, as well as some egg roll wrapper is wheat-based. Some vary based on culture and individual choice.
Spring rolls are usually eaten during the Spring Festival in China, hence the name. However, that does not necessarily apply to the other cultures who have their own version of the Eggroll/Spring Roll. This is why there is a confusion to the English translation of Spring Rolls/Egg Rolls/Summer Rolls.(wikepedia)
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Malai Kofta recipe video

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