Friday, April 18, 2008

Vah reh vah yemi tastu...chaala super ga undhi bossu

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

VahRehVah - one of the best Indian Cooking Channel on youtube

Today I remembered the delicious Chettinad Chicken, which I used to have quite often at Karaikudi restaurant in Chennai. Just the thought of it was mouthwatering. So I decided to make it no matter what. I tried searching on the web to get recipes and tips as to how to make it. Then for some reason I was bored. I wanted someone to show me so that I can make exact replica of that. Also that way I know my progress and can achieve the end result as shown. Thats when I thought of the greatest site Youtube.

And thats how I came across the awesome Culinary Show by Sanjay, the host / VahChef of

There are about 214 various Indian Dishes presented in his youtube channel. The best thing about this is he not only showcases the famous dishes like Chicken Tikka or Tandoori Chicken, but also several regional and quite unknown yummy ones such as coriander chicken, methi chicken, Grandma's curry chicken and last but not least my favorite Chettinad chicken. For all veggies there are many dishes too.

Here's his youtube channel -

I've introduced his videos to my wife and she loves it. Infact I got new energy to cook newer recipes. His presentation is also pretty cool. He takes his time and explains each and every detail as to why we do this, what happens when we put this, and so on. So for beginners and newbies to Indian cooking, this is a great channel, and for already experienced ones, you should certainly visit this site if you are bored with your cooking or wanna try something new. On the whole a very informative and entertaining culinary site which can bring lotsa fun to your everyday cooking.

Vah reh vah yemi tastu...chaala super ga undhi bossu

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