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Indian recipes

Indian Recipes
Indian Recipes
Indian food recipes or Indian cuisine recipes are often most searched by food lovers, even thought there are many free Indian cooking recipes available on the web the easiest is to follow simple video instructions, that's where Recipes Indian or others, Vahrehvah stands out in delivering highest user satisfaction in the recipe world, our Indian curry recipes are easy to follow and are explained at every step of cooking so you could modify the dish to your taste at different phases of cooking.
Indian vegetarian recipes
Indian vegetarian cooking offers a wide range of Indian vegetarian delicacies because many Indian religions practiced by majority of India's populace, encourages vegetarian diet many of which is suitable for Vegans.
Vegetarianism is the practice of a diet that excludes any meat or sea animals, there are several variants of the diet, some of which also exclude eggs and/or some products produced from animal labor such as dairy or honey. Those who practice to be vegan for ethical reasons often excludes animal products from their diet as part of a larger practice of abstaining from the use of animals for any purpose
Classic Indian Vegetarian dishes and grain cooking can be found among South Indian Vegetarian Recipes and North Indian vegetarian Recipes many of the Indian vegetarian food recipes can be found in many cooking websites and in Indian vegetarian cookbooks .
Indian Non Veg Recipes
Our Non veg recipes include Indian chicken recipes, Indian Lamb recipes & Mutton Recipes, Indian Seafood's recipes and also other non veg preparations, if you are looking for my favorite non veg jokes or sms you have to look elsewhere and if you laugh your guts out ,make sure email them to vahchef.
Indian Chicken Recipes
Indian chicken curry recipes � most favorite Indian chicken preparation is Tandoori chicken and undoubtedly the best in the world, and among the Indian chicken curry is the most famous Indian butter chicken. Indian chicken curry recipes are easy to accomplish and can be made tasty with minimal spices, at vahrehvah- vahchef provides recipes to some of the exotic Indian chicken Dishes and many of them come with video tutorials, they include Indian Chicken Kebabs recipes, Indian Chicken fry's recipes, Indian chicken curries, Stews, Indian chicken gravies, South Indian Chicken Recipes and North Indian Chicken Recipes.
Here is the complete list of Indian chicken Recipes for you. Click on any recipe below to view the directions to create these delicious Indian chicken dishes.
Indian Lamb Recipes & Mutton Recipes
Indian lamb curry& mutton curry, Indian goat Indian lamb dishes include lamb chops, lamb stews, lamb curries, lamb curry recipe, lamb korma recipes, Indian roast leg of lamb, baby lamb cuts for Biryanis.
Indian Seafood's Recipes
Fish recipes and prawn recipes are delicate and need special attention while preparation and cooking, that is the reason many specialty restaurants employ chefs who are seafood specialists. Our Seafood Recipes section contains a number of mouthwatering and healthy seafood recipes. All you have to do is follow our video recipe instructions and you will have a pot of sinfully good�and authentic Recipe for cooking some yummy Indian Seafood dishes.
South Indian Recipes & North Indian Recipes
South Indian Recipes and North Indian Recipes are incredibly popular all over the world. Vahrehvah has a wide assortment of Easy Indian Recipes and dishes, subtle and sophisticated use of a variety of spices and cooking techniques. Most of the recipes and spicy Traditional Indian Recipes are tried and tested recipes and are written in an easy-to-follow manner.
South Indian recipes are rice and coconut based. Rice is combined with lentils to make wonderful dosas, idlis, vadas and uttapams. These items are glorious and delicious besides being nourishing and digestible (due to the fermenting process). They are combined with sambhar (dal), rasam (tamarind dal), dry and curried vegetable and pachadi (yogurt).
Their rice preparations are also masterpieces like biryani from Hyderabad, lemon rice and rice seasoned with coconut, peanuts, tamarind, chilies, curry leaves, urad dal and fenugreek seeds.
Coconut water straight from the nut is a common beverage and sight in South India and ground coconut is used in most variety of curries . Coffee is very popular in South India and Madras coffee is popular in South Indian restaurants throughout the world. The South Indian food is a brilliant blend of flavors, colors, seasoning, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, and visual appeal.
North Indian recipes is distinguished by the proportionally high use of dairy products; milk, paneer, ghee (clarified butter), and yoghurt (yogurt, yoghourt) are all common ingredients. Gravies are typically dairy-based. Other common ingredients include chillies, saffron, and nuts. The Mughal influence has resulted in meat-eating habits among many North Indians. Also, a variety of flours are used to make different types of breads like chapathis. rotis, phulkas, puris naan.
Indian Sweets Recipes / Indian Desserts
Indian sweets recipes or Mithai recipes, are a type of confectionery that rely heavily on sugar, milk and condensed milk, and cooked by frying, however the bases of the sweets vary by region. In the Eastern part of India for example, milk is a staple, and most Indian dessert recipes from this region are based on milk products. While Indians love their vast array of Indian sweet dishes, their second love without a doubt, is the love for colorful sweets made at home or the complicated ones bought from nearest sweet shop .We make, making of those sweets easy with simple to do instructions. Also check our photo gallery for dessert recipes with pictures.
Indian Rice Recipes
Rice's & Biryanis made with brown basmati rice are a specialty as one need to adjust the spices and condiments with meats or vegetable to perfection. Nothing less is acceptable and easily written off as not to the mark
The difference between biryani and pullao is that while pullao may be made by cooking the items together, biryani is used to denote a dish where the rice is cooked on separate or many layers from the other ingredients. You can see our basmati rice recipes and rice pilaf recipes.
We have many varieties of rice's and biryani videos to choose from and will amaze your creative taste buds.
Indian Breakfast Recipes
Breakfast, the first meal of the day, can mean many things to many different people. Breakfast is regarded by many nutritionists as the most important meal of the day. Vegetarian breakfast recipes, quick breakfast recipes, breakfast recipes for kids, breakfast meals , Indian breakfast food.
Indian Fry Bread Recipe
Many of the popular Indian bread recipes are deep fried � poori, bathura , Deccan paratha, vada, lukmi Indian puffs and some are shallow fried such as aloo paratha , mooli ke paratha.
Indian Snacks Recipes, Easy Indian Recipes
Socializing and snacks is the lifestyle of any average Indian , it is tradition of any Indian home to serve you a snack on even a surprise visit and every home is loaded with variety of snack and dipping pickles to accompany them and many are very easy and quick to make in few minutes.
Indian Chinese Recipes
Recipes from other parts of Asia like chinese and thai are some of the most delicious you will find anywhere in the World. The variety of spices and their combination from subtle to the hottest is unique to Asian foods. In India, Chinese food like Manchurian, chowmein, chilli chicken, Noodles schezwan and Hakka and fried rice are the staple Indo-Chinese foods and are liked by one and all. Our Chinese Recipes section contains recipes of traditional Indo-Chinese cuisine which is a Spicy Fusion Food Melded from two world's greatest cultures.
More Of Indian Recipes

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Hyderabadi Biryani , Hyderabadi Dum ka Biryani

sometimes referred to as Beriani or Biryani or Kachhi Biryani, this dish possibly is on the top of the list when it comes to most searched items on the Internet and it makes the grade for a reason. A meal in itself, this dish is not kidding when it Dum Biryani or Beryaniis referred to as fit for a king. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani or Hyderabadi Dum ka Biryani traces its roots back to what is known as Nizami food. It was a staple Khandaani dish that was found on the tables of Nizami banquets in the days of the spread of Mughal cuisine or what may be referred to as Deccan cuisine.

Hyderabadi cuisine takes pride of place in Southern or South Central India. I suspect mostly that it is because of its jovial people and I also suspect it is because my heart and my soul belongs to these vivacious people who simply make eating an art form.

India shares some beautiful secrets with Pakistan and the rest of the volatile sub-continent. The bone of contention that hit headlines a few years ago when it came to branding a type of scented and rich rice called Basmati rice. Basmati gives Biryani what Peat or Scottish water gives Scotch. They cannot exist without the other.

Biryani derives from Berya which legend hands over to and Persian origins. Berya indicated the virtue of frying or being slow roasted over fire. Between Basmati and Berya, this dish and its excruciating method of preparation have made Biryani a sought after dish. If there is one dish to die for in Indian cuisine, Biryani must make it to the top of the heap.

Biryani was arguably the confluence of Persian invaders, Muslim rule and Moghul infiltration of Deccani cuisine brought to the sub-continent as a result of wars, inter-marrying and sheer love of good food. Thanks to the Moghlai foodies, Biryani now is a household name and didn’t remain a secret of the Nizami kitchen

Biryani can be made in two distinct ways and if you check with a connoisseur of Indian food you will know the passionate fellow from the fraud with the kitchen-geek talk. When the fellow asks you what kind of Biryani do you prefer? You are wading into deep territory my friend – Kachhi Gosht ki Biryani and Pakki Biryani? Kisku kya maalum Miya? Oops, your Vah Chef is getting ahead of himself.

Authentic Indian Kachchi gosht ki biryani

Kachchi Biryani or Kachhi Gosht ki biryani is very loving prepared. Like all lovers dishes, it is marinated with oozing loads of time. Meat, usually mutton and young tender choices of meat cuts are used with Goat or Mutton or tender veal (and rarely Chicken) marinated overnight (this is killer difference) with carefully selected spices soaked in curd or yoghurt. This overnight marinade Is layered between Half cooked Basmati rice with a bouquet of spices. Note the key difference is that the marinade is uncooked before layering. The other key differentiator is that the Kachchi stuff – often touted as the most authentic is cooked strictly by using dough to seal the layered rice and meat in what is known as a handi (a special shallow wide bottomed vessel) slow cooked on a dum – Dum cooked usually refers to anything cooked slowly over steaming coals. The enthusiasts have coals put on the top lid to ensure heat is provided from both sides.

The funny thing here is that through my time with various enthusiastic dum biryani cooking chefs, home owners, Arabs, Muslims, wannabe Hyderabadis and Asli Hyderabadis, I have a few observations.

· Most insist the sealant should be dough, when any proper sealant will work nicely.

· Usually Kachchi Dum ki Biryani would be cooked in the hotel often over night with smells wafting through the kitchen. I would land up early the next morning, crack open the Handi and get a taste of the first delicious juicy melt in the mouth Biryani and the escaping aroma would often get me into trouble. I was the bad boy in the Indian Kitchen. Actually any kitchen!

· All Dum Handis are invariably black bottomed. The hated vessel among kitchen stewarding guys. They would be the only ones to groan. But even the handi was finger-lickin good!

· If you fall in love with a Hyderabadi, this page is the way to his heart. So listen up and listen carefully sista.
Authentic Indian Pakki biryani

This is the short, quick and dirty way to the great dish. Your Hyderabadi lover boy gave you just a couple of hours notice. You have to get to his heart and then this is your best bet.

The marinating time for the meat is shorter. Because he never gave you all night, you’ve got to ensure the meat is cooked before you throw it into layers with the Basmati rice and for effect, you still make the stuff cook in a dough-sealed Handi. In this variant, (all you geek Chefs listen up) Pakki Yakhni (Yakhni is nothing but pre-cooked meat gravy), all meat gravy is already cooked before the Dum process.

Vegetarians don’t despair. In fact the time to cook Vegetarian Biryani and Chicken biryani varieties are shorter simply because the time to cook Vegetables and Chicken is shorter

The Kachchi Dum ki Biryani recipe may be found here but the spices and ingredients used are usually a mixture of Mace, Cumin, Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon,(The combination for Garam Masala) Bay leaves, Mint, Coriander powder, dried Onions, Ginger garlic Paste, Saffron, Yoghurt, Plums (Kashmiri) and in the case of Hyderabadi varieties dried Apricots. Coriander or Coriander leaves and Fried Onions make their way to the garnish.

Basmati Rice is a standard base.

Accompaniments to a rollicking good course of Hyderabadi biryani usually include Mirchi ka Salan, Dhanshak or Baghare Baingan which is a Hyderabadi Eggplant speciality.

For those of you wondering why your Pulau or Pulav does not turn out like Biryani, learn that Pulav does not slow infuse the flavours of one to the other. That is the secret of a Biryani. Slow. Layered. Infused. Lovingly made.

Types of Biryani

There are many types of Biryani other than Hyderabadi Biryani and you can go to the TYPES OF BIRYANI

to lean of the different variants found in India.

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It is one of the most popular varieties of South Asian Breads. It is considered a typical bread of Northern India and many regions of Afghanistan, Naan Iran, Pakistan, and few regions of Former Russia and china. The popularity of Nann reached many corners of the world and is served in United States, UK, Canada, Australia and served with kebabs and curry.

A typical naan recipe involves mixing white flour (all purpose flour) (maida) with salt, yeast culture, and enough yogurt or milk to make a smooth, elastic dough. The dough is kneaded for a few minutes’ couple of times, then set aside to rise for a few hours. Once risen, the dough is divided into balls (about 100 grams), which are flattened and cooked in Tandoori clay oven. Nigella seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds are commonly added in Naan Breads as cooked in many Indian restaurants throughout the world

Naan Recipe by vahchef

Naan ingredients

All purpose flour- 3 cups, yeast(dry) 1 tsp you could also use fresh Active Yeast ,yogurt or milk to make soft dough , oil- 1 tsp, salt- to taste, sugar ½ tsp

Milk and eggs are used to make the naan bread rich and with more flavor, and in my experience I have found many restaurants in India and abroad use Eggs in making Naan, so make sure to ask the restaurant staff if eggs are being used to make Naan in their Restaurants if you do not eat eggs. You could also use baking powder if yeast is not available.

Basic Naan Recipe

1. Sieve the flour.
2. Now add 1 cup warm water into dry yeast and set aside.
3. Add sugar, oil into salt and mix well with yeast and water.
4. Now add water, milk or yogurt little at a time to make soft dough.
5. If dough sticks to hand too much then use little bit of oil on hand and then punch into dough. .
6. Now to make naan, set oven at broil and roll oval shape out of dough. Then place it into oven and flip it after 2 min. after taking it out apply some butter on them. And they are ready to eat.

Cooking naan

Making naan at home in Gas or electric oven

Its beyond imagination for many to thinking of making Naan at home, but making Naan at home is made easy with Vah chef video on how to make naan without tandoor clay oven. Just watch the video and you will learn to make naan with ease either in gas or electric oven or pressure cooker

Making Naan on Stove top

Indian bread Naan is usually made in tandoor but can also be made on stove top and oven, I find it easy to make naan on stove top and the results are stunning and the bread just melts away with your curry and can be made in minutes without the stress of constant vigil

Pressure Cooker Naan

This is another easier way to make naan at home using the thick walls of pressure cooker, the 15 yr old pressure cooker at my home is only used to make naan, while the recipe remains the same as basic naan recipe, the methods involves heating the pressure cooker without the lid and when hot attach the flattened naan dough to the inner wall of the pressure cooker

Cook till you see wall side dough cooked and turn the cooker upside down and cook the inner side facing the flame ( the dough hitting the flame directly ) the same way we do on the stove top method till you get the desired color – the entire process should not take more than 90 seconds

Naan Video Recipe

Step by Step Instructional Video tutorial on Naan by vahchef sanjay thumma is easy to follow, but I recommend watching the video at least twice and understanding the simple instructions so you get perfect homemade Naan

Naan and Curry

When made perfect I love to eat Naan more than curry or kabobs, but there are many curries that go perfect with Naan, to list few of my favorites Includes

Butter chicken, malai kofta, paneer tikka masala, spicy dal makhani, paneer butter masala, navrattan korma, palak paneer , aloo gobi, matter paneer, methi chaman, any dry kabobs with nice gravy accompaniment will make eating Naan a special meal.

Naan Calories

Calories in naan may vary from 100 to 350 calories per serving based on the recipe used and how rich it is made, if you are calorie conscious just avoid stuffed or buttered naans and just order plain Naan

The calories and nutrition in Indian foods like Roti / Naan / Chapatti / Parathas depend on the way they are cooked. Indian parathas are very high in calories as these are fried in ghee or butter whereas tandoori Naan is baked in tandoor so these are supposed to be low in calories. But this is not so because after baking they are coated with ghee or butter to improve their taste. However, it is possible to have traditional Naans with very less fat and keeping the natural nutrition values and low calories.

Types of naan

Tandoori Naan plain, Butter Naan, Garlic naan, Kashmiri Naan, Pudhina Naan, Masala Naan

Paratha Naan ,Peshawari Naan

There are many naans which fall under catogery of Kulchas (stuffed Naans) such as

Kheema naans, onion and potato kulchas, Paneer naans, and also not to forget unleavened breads such as chapatis, rotis,parathas.

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