Saturday, July 11, 2009 Truly, it lives up to its punch line.

VahRehVah...Inspiring others to cook!!

As the popular saying goes - A journey to a man's heart is through his stomach.....but I'd like to reword as - A journey to anyone's heart is through the stomach!!

There are very few things more pleasurable than good food. After all, we work, slog, struggle and at the end of the day, all of it boils down to have good food!

Now there are countless number of websites online about food and cooking. With YouTube becoming a popular tool to reach out to millions of people around the world, more and more people keep posting recipes and cooking tips on how to make many mouth-watering dishes, which you thought you could only get to taste them in some posh hotels!! You probably can find a video recipe for any food in the world, showing you a step-by-step procedure on how to make them...

So when there are soo many of them, what's soo special about VahRehVah is all about inspiring others to cook :))

Truly, it lives up to its punch line..By just looking at the man responsible for VahRehVah (Sanjay Thumma) cook, and make delightful gestures on how tasty the food will turn out is enough for you to put your cooking hat (apron) on!!

His recipes range from mouth watering Indian dishes to Italian, Chinese and even the very famous Southern Fried chicken..

And the best part of all these cooking videos is that he makes it very simple. You need not have special equipment or difficult-to-find ingredients to cook these dishes. You can manage with what's available around you and pick up most of the ingredients required from your local grocery store.

And do the dishes turn up as tasty as Sanjay's gestures….??The answer is a BIG YESS!!!

All his recipes are very easy to cook and at the end they taste like if they are cooked by Pros!!

So, Kudos to Mr. Thumma for introducing these simple but extremely tasty recipes and maintaining a great website

[All of this for Free, though you can make a (truly deserving) donation by hitting the thank you button of his homepage]

I feel all you guys, especially all NRI's should check his recipes and try them.

Also, all the English folks who feel that the pre-cooked 'n' packed Chicken Tikka Masala from local superstore is great..then just wait till you see the Videos and try it out...You will be amazed by the end result!!

Some of my favs from Sanjay's recipes:

Curry/Egg Puff, Chicken 65, Mysore Bhajji, Chicken Drum-sticks, Chinese Chicken, Chilly Paneer...

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