Monday, April 21, 2008

Hi Sanjay, I cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooompletely love ur show

Hai Vahchef
Hi Sanjay, I cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooompletely love ur show.I am a student here in the US and not the best cook.And it doesnt help too much that as a student you cannot afford to go to a restaurant too often to eat indian food.Actually I have managed to live on just dal and rice for about a year now and not daring to cook anything new. There are no decent indian restaurants anywhere nearby where i live. :-(( And of course your website is free.That is so cool.I cannot think of one other webiste where people are truly interested in inspiring people to cook.They always seem like they are out there to make money.Nothing wrong in that although you would like to think "may be free would make me want to look again and again and learn". It is only recently that the craving for real food took over very stronlgy and i started experimenting.I happened to watch one of ur shows on by mere chance and have been hooked ever since.Your shows are so lively and u make everything look so simple,u truly inspisre us all to truly cook.And it helps to know that I dont have to miss home made food too often ,now that I can make most of those dishes right here .I watch the videos everyday.And the nice part is u seem like such a simple guy, no trims and frills!! like most of the other oh so boring "I am such a sophisiticated " chefs and the bestest part is u do not have an accent which makes ur shows sooooo much more fun.And u r a foodie too.the way u tatse and enjoy ur dishes soon after u cook them.That is so unlike any chef i have seen so far.You seem to so genuinely enjoy cooking and eating what you cook.Keep up the great work.Could you please sometime demonstrate how to make idlis,dosas and the regular breakfas t dishes that we south indians are so famous for.I hope someday I shall be able to dine in your restaurant. P.S : I ventured into making samosas after watching one of ur shows and shocked every family member and friends ,especially when i told them they turned out exactly as samosas should be.i shocked myself the most though!! :-)))) Dhanyavadagalu, Take care Sincerely, Nirupama

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