Thursday, April 24, 2008

cooking Vahchef way

Thank you Vahchef

A few months back I came across the channel Vahchef on Youtube and from that day I have been regularly watching all his cookery videos and eagerly wait for new ones.He has videos on the making of many restaurant favourites and also few traditional Andhra dishes.

I have tried some of his recipes,keeping his valuable tips in mind and the results were much better than what I had expected.

Puris for making Pani Puri

Palak Paneer


I have also tried several other recipes from his site such as naan,batura,aloo gobi,tomato dal,lamb fry and tandoori chicken and they were all so delicious.Do check his site vahrehvah if you haven't already.I certainly did learn and am still learning lots from him.I thank Chef Sanjay Thumma immensely for being so generous and sharing his knowldege with the entire world.

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