Thursday, November 15, 2007

chicken tikka masala video recipe

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The origins of chicken tikka masala are disputed. At least one source has the dish originating in New Delhi in 1947[3], but it also has been suggested that chicken tikka masala originated from the kitchens of Bangladeshi chefs in the UK,[4][5] with many restaurants throughout the country claiming to have invented it. The recipe's age is also unproven, with claims ranging from the 1970s back to the 1950s.[1]
A widely reported explanation of the origins of the dish is that it was conceived in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow in the late 1960s, when a customer, who found the traditional chicken tikka too dry, asked for some "gravy".[1] The chef improvised a sauce from tomato soup, yogurt and spices.[2]
Another theory is that it originated in British India to adapt local dishes to the British palate. A prototype may be Murgh Makhni (butter chicken), a dish from the Punjab region of India. (wikepida) cooking video by sanjay thumma

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