Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vah-Photos a free lunch - Free Indian food photos


I am a new member at and I am not that great a cook (I will be some day)– but right now I love food to no end. I also got my mom to try out some of your creations and now I have not only got her hooked onto my favouite website, but I also enjoy some superb cooking.

But I am writing to you not because of the videos – which are no doubt great…But I am most excited about the link "Vah photos" – The reason is that I am a self proclaimed restaurant critique and am putting together a collection of food reviews for restaurants in the greater New York area. I also enjoy photography a great deal but I am yet to see food pictures that have the same quality that is in Vah Photos. This link is truly amazing. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that you have allowed these pictures to be royalty free. That is practically giving it away! And that is most generous. Not many people who take pictures of this admirable quality allow it's free use. The fact that you not only allow its royalty free use, but have posted such multitude of breath-taking shots, goes to prove that you practice what you preach about inspirational cooking.

I was brought up to believe that there is no free lunch – but I am so thrilled to see that it is not the case on your website. Not only is the lunch free, but it is in beautiful glorious pictures for all to enjoy! What can I say?!! Vah reh vah… truly!

And as a gesture of gratitude for your generosity in distributing royalty free food pictures, I have decided to do you a favour in turn and tell all my friends and acquaintances of your website so that you have a bigger fan following, a much larger community and everybody benefits in turn.

This is community at its best. Hats off!

Sirish Datey

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ananthi said...

diese webiste ist sehr gud ...bitte probieren zum kochen....

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