Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is called Vah chef so the appropriate name

Here is a review that made my day

Title : Got interested in cookingReview : Hi Sanjay I have never cooked in my life. I am 67 years old and you got me interested in cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million. Now I will never go hungry or never eat in restaurant. My wife is a great cook so I never got in to cooking. By watching your videos I started cooking. I made Nan, Dosa, Tandoori Chicken, Meduvada and Dahivada, Sambhar etc. Ev ery item I cooked from your video came out excellent in first try only. This is called Vah chef so the appropriate name. I am so excited that I even cooked for my friends and guess what they enjoyed it. They didn\'t believe me at first since they know I never cooked before in my life and they were scared to eat whatever I cooked. So Thanks Sanjay I appreciated your video and keep it coming. I am going to tell my wife to post her some great recipes.. All your recipes are great.

Jay Desai


Swati said...

Hi Chef, I am a home cook and a Masters student in Microbiology. I want to go to culinary school and specialise in Indian and Chinese cooking. What would be the best course for me to follow? I am living in the US. Would going to a culinary school like Johnson and Wales or Le Cordon Bleu be the best course for me and then to intern in Chinese and Indian kitchens?

preeta said...

Hi Sanjay, Preeta Nair here... I met my soulmate & moved to Warsaw three months back from Mumbai & have been hooked to your videos since being here... I love cooking & used to call my mom- mom-in-law for advice earlier... But now its your videos that have sort of taken over & guide me in what i make!! My cooking is developing a reputation here, Thanks to you!!

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