Wednesday, December 10, 2008

60th Human Rights Day Celebrations on 10-12-2008

Mr.Sanjay Thumma also known as vahchef in the internet world took to stage at 60th Human Rights Day Celebrations on 10-12-2008 ,while talking to dignitaries, distinguished Guests ,members of electronic and print media and other invitees ,

Sanjay Thumma emphasized how many of us waste a valuable portion of our life in bickering and complaining ,instead how we can use the same time doing good to the community we live in .

The Government of Andhra Pradesh provided a meager amount of 97 lakhs as budget for A.P. State Human Rights Commission Hyderabad. For want of adequate funds, the commission could not take up any training program during 2007-2008

Sanjay Thumma felt the need of every citizen to create awareness among common people about the Rights of every human being ,women, child , man, mother ,father, sister and specially senior citizens . Soon after coming from USA Sanjay felt the need to start a NGO to cater to the need of victims of some biased laws and to educate people on Right To Information. .

The commission has also dealt with several sensitive issues such as marital disputes, child marriages, environmental concerns, ragging in educational institutions, malpractices in corporate colleges/ schools, religious practices entrenched in rank superstitions, long delays in getting the terminal benefits, long pending in Freedom fighters pensions cases, police excesses, even the crimes during the land disputes etc. come to the commission daily. The citizens have tremendous faith in the commission for two important reasons;

  1. The people are getting speedy justice through the commission by direct accessibility and
  2. Redressal of grievances is free of cost.

Hon’ble Sri Justice P. Ramkrishnam Raju ,Lord Hon’ble chair person Subashan Reddy, MR.Ismile,Mr.Vittal,DGP Yadav , Heads of various Goverament Institutions where others among few key note speakers.

Santh Ravi

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