Wednesday, December 10, 2008

salutations to our beloved Senior Citizens

We all know that age is inevitable, as we grew up the same with age also. There is growing number of elder people . Though, they might have struggled all along life for their better future to spend rest of it with happiness and prosperity. But now-a-days many parents are being sent to old age homes, because the children of such parents after reaching their heights don’t even look after them. Just send them to old age home are care centers and they will forget about every thing that their parents have given birth and brought up. Of course this is what actually new generation is following. The pain which they feel is inexpressible. money, health are not only components but the main thing they need is love of children and grand children.
Mr. Sanjay thumma, in meeting Taralu-Antharalu arranged by YSSR Foundation, -has pin pointed the main problems of our senior citizens. In many cases, grandchildren are denied to meet the grandparents for no faults and have no custodial rights to acquire them. The only fault of these senior citizens is being old ,on behalf of CRISP India, he is fighting against this prejudiced corner for to give equal rights to both the grandparents.
He opined” The society in India need to accept the challenge on the following two main issues of :
(i) To provide a fair-deal to the senior citizens so that they are able to peacefully, constructively and satisfactorily pass their lives; and
(ii) How to utilize the vast treasure of knowledge and rich life experience of the older people so that they are able to utilize their remaining energies and contribute to the all round development of their nation.
We also know that we are nothing with out our Elders, as they are enlightened with knowledge, hard work and especially with great experience. They are like a living guide for our bright future. (We need to take guidance)


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